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a gesture of peace and so

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TOKYO, June 6 (Xinhua) -- The Canadian men's volleyballers defeated the Chinese 3-2 on Sunday to qualify for the Rio Olympics, while China failed to make the cut after finishing sixth.

Cordon Perrin scored 27 points alone, helping Canada seal the game 25-16, 20-25, 24-26, 25-20, 15-9 at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium and finish fourth in the qualifying tournament.

The Chinese were out of touch at the beginning but powered back to take two sets with better defense and stronger serves. Canada turned things around in the fourth set and went on to win the decider.

Over seven rounds, China beat Japan and Venezuela but lost to France, Poland, Iran, Australia and Canada.

"Chinese players fought hard and had some tactical advantages, though there was still a lot to improve on," said Li Quanqiang, deputy director of China's volleyball administration center.

Poland, Iran and France also made it to Rio.

CARACAS, Sept. 11 (Xinhua) -- Member nations of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA) sent humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees in Lebanon Wednesday with a plane loaded with seven tons of food, medicine nike air max 90 damske predaj , clothes, blankets and bottled water.

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The plane took off Wednesday, a day after Obama asked U.S. Congress to postpone a vote on a punitive military strike in a bid to give Russia a chance to pursue a diplomatic solution.

Obama claims the United States has evidence the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used sarin gas to attack opposition rebels outside the capital of Damascus on Aug. 21.

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