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There is a small village

There is a small village under the Lushan Mountain. Her name is Daguanzhuang. It is named after a large official temple in the village. The whole village is a low-rise stone house, a rugged narrow country road. The village is a poor and backward mountain village behind the bare stone mountain. It is a place where I raised me. I am happy and pure childhood here. My best memories are here. I love the mountains and rivers here, I love the grass and trees here, and love the kind and simple folks here. I often dream of my family's stone house when I was a child, as well as the bandit that I jumped up and down, the adobe table in the elementary school classroom. My soul has been here forever. My roots have been deeply rooted in this barren land. My earliest memories of my childhood are playing with my friends. The flat top, the large window stone, the shack, the shack, all left my footprints. Every rugged mountain road, every big stone, left me with indelible memories. In the summer, we fished and caught shrimps in the small river in the north of the village. I didn't know how much water I drank. I slowly learned to swim. The children didn't have a time to swim. They were also people's communes and production teams. Every day, the mother works with the members to work in the same place. Just like the current point-to-point work, it is necessary to deduct the work points when I am late. How many times have I forgotten to go home to eat because I am outside Cigarette Wholesalers, and when I got home, I saw the locked firewood door, and the hungry beggar cried in the shade. In the end, there was no way to be hungry. Then I ran to the ground to find my mother to pick up the keys. I was beaten up by the mother, and then went home to eat the rice for my mother. I want to come now, but I don��t feel bitter at all, only happy memories. Time only goes back in the dream, happy and worry-free childhood can only appear in the dream Marlboro Lights Cigarettes, become the most precious memory of my life after the elementary school, the state canceled the people's commune, the land was divided into the hands of the peasants, everyone is full of energy, There is no longer a need to earn a job in the production team. Every year, the poor food is divided, and the life of the peasants has hope. After the autumn vacation, I also took up a small responsibility at home. When the day was just bright, my mother picked up the water in the water tank and filled the big pot. My mother called me up, carefully. I was told to go over it again, and I pulled the ground and pulled the peanuts down. I lit the fire, hand-cranked the wind, and used a fire stick to play the broken wood under the stove. The fire blew in the wind and the fire was very busy. About a dozen minutes, a pot of water boiled. It is. I quickly filled the two hot water bottles in my house, moved out the muddy tea of ??the herbal tea, pinched a pinch of jasmine tea, added half a basin of hot water, and the basin was too big. I carefully took it back into the house. And fill it up with a jug. The rich tea fragrance suddenly filled the whole room. I filled the water in the pot again, and cooked the pig food after boiling. After the water is opened, sprinkle a stone with a stone-grinded sweet potato surface evenly on the surface of the water Marlboro Cigarettes Website, spread it out with a stick, and cover all the heat. Then slowly boil the water. When the water vapor swelled from the middle Buy Newport Cigarettes Online, I stopped the fire, stirred it with a stick, then covered it with a lid, and cooked it in a pot. All right. The two fat pigs in the column also smelled the aroma of the pig food and arched the door. Next, I have to prepare breakfast. My mother has chosen to wash the beans from the ground and put them in the raft. I ordered a small wood stove, and I took a small pot. The girl��s appearance began to stew the beans. The pot is hot, add a teaspoon of peanut oil, add salt to break, then add the beans to stir fry, and finally pour the water in half, cover the lid, and simmer slowly. There is hardly any stewed beans, no soy sauce, but it is black and fragrant Cheap Cigs Online Free Shipping. I can eat a big bowl and a few pancakes for a meal. Now the best food can't compare the pancake rolls in my childhood memories. Beans, etc. I cooked the beans, and I fed the chicken, and the mother also pulled the peanuts back. I helped them put the peanuts in the shade of the east wall. After breakfast, the mother sat under the east wall to pick up the peanuts. The mother grabbed a few peanuts in her hand, shaken the rotten leaves and dirt on her face, and took a glance at her eyes before she picked the peanuts into the basket. When the particles are particularly full, the mother will always say, if it is not drought, and with these few, how much fruit can be collected. I helped the mother to bundle the peanuts and put them on the wall with a wooden fork. This is the best feed for the cattle and sheep. The happy time is always short. As I grow up slowly, I go out to study and live in the city. The number of times to return to your hometown is getting less and less. As the uncle of the autumn trousers sang, how can I get old in the blink of an eye, how can I grow up when I grow up, and the time is always so rushed, and I have already entered the middle age without knowing it. As you get older, your thoughts about your hometown are getting worse. I think one day, as my children grow up, I will let go of all the embarrassment and return to the homeland where I will raise me. This is my real home. My happy childhood is here, my happy old age will be Here, the leaves will eventually return to the roots.

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