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Top 10 things to do in Pesaro

Pesaro is a gorgeous coastal town situated on the eastern side of Italy in the Marche region.
Facing the Adriatic Sea, this city is the second most populated in the Marche region after Ancona with a current population of approximately 95,000. This city is lovingly known as the City of Bicycle due to its myriad of cycle paths, and also has a strong affinity with music and the arts. Due to its coastal location, Pesaro has a major fishing industry but is also well-known for its furniture manufacturing. The history of Pesaro spans back to the Roman era and was originally founded in 184 BC as a colony. During this era, it became an important trading post until the fall of the Roman Empire some 400 years later.
1. Parco Naturale del Monte San Bartolo
Many people visit Pesaro and the surrounding area to explore the wonderful Monte San Bartolo natural park. This gorgeous area of natural beauty is located to the east of Pesaro and runs adjacent to the Panoramica Adriatica highway.

San Bartolo Mountain is the main feature of this park and is one of the largest in the Mache region of Italy. With a combination of dramatic and rugged high coastline and beautiful rural plains, this park has a myriad of footpaths and trails waiting to be explored.

Wildlife found within this region includes Deer, Lizards, Porcupines and some sublime species of butterfly. If you love the outdoors and nature, you will fall in love with the Monte San Bartolo natural park. Many people rent bicycles in Pesaro and cycle out to explore this wonderful area.

source : Top 10 things to do in pesaro

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